So I lost 15 pounds in a week – 238 and counting

A friend of mine lost a remarkable amount of weight over the last few months. Like anyone rational human being I asked how did you do it? He did a hybrid of Keto and watching his overall caloric intake

I did Keto in early 2012, shortly after starting my then job as a purchasing specialist. 6 weeks after I started, they bounced my paycheck, company went bankrupt and I just gave it up. My lowest weight at the time was 207. It wasn’t a good 207 though, it was jittery, being bitchy and wanting some god damn fucking french fries.

This time around I wanted to be more balanced and still eat the foods that I enjoy. Especially in the company of my Dallas friends and the plethora of great food we have. Nothing says fuck you more than someone spending hours to prepare a meal for a special occasion and then not eating any of it.

What Have I Been Doing?

  1. I stuck exactly to the plan I laid out. MyFitnessPal has been my friend. I scan anything in a box with the convenient bar code option they have. Anything else like fruit or salad I look up in their database and instantaneously. Back when you had to look this shit up on the web or in a book, total pain in the ass. Now I put what I’m going to eat and done in less than 30 seconds usually. Don’t judge below, it was my cheat day…IMG_2922.PNG
  2. I used the Garmin Connect App. I have a Garmin Forerunner 920XT smart watch for my serious days and a smaller more fashionable Vivoactive. The fitness tracking built into it can’t be beat. They both do GPS tracking, and along with my Heart Rate monitor I can see how hard my body is working. 130bpm is about the highest I go without breaking a sweat. 160s are usually my max which happens when I run.IMG_2923 1.JPGIMG_2924 1.PNG
  3. I lift weights. I have been lifting since 2003 on and off. Not insane amounts that are gonna mess up my back but a decent amount to help with my lean muscle mass. When you sit at a desk 8-9 hours a day, lifting weights sometimes is the only real physical activity I get some days. I’ll skip the rant about how sedentary we’ve all become through a lifestyle / industry focused solely on convenience with minimal effort.
  4. I fast, sort of….  At least at breakfast. Greg the KinoBody guy said consuming caffeine during your intermittent fasting can help with cravings, along with eating an Apple. Let’s do the math. I like this Pumpkin Flax Seed Cereal from Nature’s Path. One serving is 260 calories. Before I got a weight scale I’d eat about 1.5 servings. So that’s 390 + 131 for the soy milk. So 521 total. Then mid morning I’d stress eat some trail mix which is 170 calories. So 691 for breakfast alone. Saving the lunch topic for another day.

What is my goal weight? To lose about 1 pound a week has been my goal, not 15. What’s insane is that two weeks ago I didn’t even think I was capable of doing that. The scale was not my friend. Then it just contributed to eating more. Neverending cycle. Will post again in a week. Love yourself big or small but take steps to get healthier.

One of my online friends passed away yesterday after a long battle with gallbladder cancer. Mark Fish was his name. I would’ve liked to have met him. Earlier in the week my stepdad’s cousin passed away after a long battle with health problems. One day I will die, I don’t know when it will be. If it’s from something preventable though I’m gonna fight like hell to stay alive. Just like all those I have lost.


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Debt Free Alpha

Rewrote this for late 2017. I am 34, live in Dallas. Up until September 2016 the focus here was paying off student loan debts. Today it's about paying off other debts (including medical), building my net worth and living a rich, fulfilling life. Other facts - Started this blog in 2012, I'm gay, had my appendix rupture less than 3 months after paying off my student loans. So the victory was bittersweet.

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